Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Making Party

Here is a confession:  I wasn't planning on making any Valentines this year.  "But what about your last post?" you claim.  Well, those were from 3 years ago, when I didn't have 2 jobs and I had a huge craft room.  I thought I'd just lay low this year and reminisce about my cool Valentine craftiness of the past.  However, Colleen encouraged me to get crafty, so get crafty we did. 

She drove up for the day, and two other friends, Jenna and Katie joined us. 

Michael even came over and mingled for a little. 

There was paper everywhere.  I loved it.  There is just something about a messy table that gets my creative juices flowing. 

Colleen was the Valentine making machine.  She made a lot. 

Jenna kept wowing us all with her fun ideas. 

Here's my measly contribution.  I made a bunch more later but forgot to take pictures (oops). 

Katie didn't actually make any.

She was having more fun drinking yarn and playing with Katya.  Both of which still make for a good time. 

My parents always send me a fun Valentine package every year and it arrived while we were crafting.  I opened it and found this awesome pair of pajamas.  Thanks mom and dad! 

I also have to include the Valentine my best friend, Meghan sent me, just because it is so cute and if she lived nearby, she definitely would have been crafting with us. 

But my favorite Valentine of all was the one Michael gave me.  He's the best :-) 

So here's to good friends, a messy table, and sharing the Valentine love. 


  1. Yay!!! I was all about quantity. And, I sent those cards out, so they served an actual purpose. I loved meeting your friends and getting crafty - it was super fun!

  2. Your jamies are cute. Mine were different this year. They were red with polka dots. Also, what is that quilt in the background? Is that the one that you exchanged for the knitty kitty?