Monday, February 28, 2011

Tea Time

I love Fort Collins, there are so many cool places to visit.  My friend Deb invited me to go to Happy Lucky's Tea House with her.  I have been to many coffee houses but this was my first trip to a tea house. 

We sat in the back on the comfy couches and worked on our knitting projects.  Here is Deb.

Here is me.

Here is our tea. 

We had a tea that tasted like chocolate, and one that tasted like roses.  They were both really good, as were the pastries and peanut butter cookie that we shared.  Yum. 

I like the tea shop atmosphere.  It's cozy and warm, and a little bit arty and fair-trade worldly.  They also had a cool paper crane chain.  I love paper cranes. 

So if you find yourself in Old Town Fort Collins, grab a friend, mosey on over to Happy Lucky's and have yourself a spot of tea.

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  1. Karen, I had soooo much fun! Can't wait till we go again! Bring 'all' your friends. It's sooo good and the owners and staff are very nice people.