Saturday, January 22, 2011

Save the Selvages!

Okay, so I've been pretty good about posting crafty things (and by that I mean once).  "What about the thrifty?" you ask.  Well, here ya go.  I attended a crafty night at Mama Said Sew, an awesome little fabric store in Old Town in Fort Collins.  The theme for the night was using selvages. 

For those not familiar with the fabric-y term, here is how Merriam-Webster defines the word:

a : the edge on either side of a woven or flat-knitted fabric so finished as to prevent raveling; specifically : a narrow border often of different or heavier threads than the fabric and sometimes in a different weave
b : an edge (as of fabric or paper) meant to be cut off and discarded
Definition a : I totally agree. 
Definition b : No way Jose!
We took all the saved selvage strips and sewed them onto muslin.  Basically you use the next piece of selvage to cover the raw edge of the previous piece.  I turned mine into a pillow. 
Here is the back. 
I even found a piece with my maiden name on it.  Sweet!
Now I'm hooked on the selvage saving fun.  My next endeavor is to make a whole quilt out of them. It's a bonus for me that I work at a sewing store with access to selvagey goodness. Give it a try yourself, you'll never look at a selvage the same way again. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Craft Day at Katie's

My friend Katie came into the store where we work and handed me a little globe. 

It was so cute and awesome.  My friend Dawn in Wyoming also makes these out of old Christmas cards and I've always thought they were great.  Katie said she'd show me how to make them so we decided to have a crafty day at her house. 

First, we cut twenty little circles. 

Then we made triangles within the circles and glued the edges together. 

We also drank the delicious hot chocolate that Katie made.  Also, check out her super cute measuring cups (we were using them to trace circles). 

Ta-da!  Paper globes of happiness. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Colleen Made Me Do It

So, for a long time my friend Colleen has been telling me I need to start a blog.  There have been others who have told me that.  I have been holding out for a long time, and here are my reasons:

* I don't like to write.  I love to read, read, read, but writing, not so much. Craftying, yes. Writing, meh.   I find it kind of tedious.  Therefore a blog seems like a chore because it involves writing.  I don't even like coming up with status updates on facebook.  I guess I will have to stick to bullet points.

*I have no time.  I'm a busy girl.  I have two jobs, and a church with lots of activities.  This leaves me very little time for interneting in general.  I fear that this blog will be one of those boring ones where people check back periodically and there is nothing new.  I'm apologizing for that in advance.

*The internet is already full of crafty blogs, funny, blogs, cool travel blogs, witty blogs, blogs with people who take cool pictures with cool cameras; the world really does not need another blog from me.   

*Okay, those were really my only reasons, pretty lame, I admit.

Colleen has pshawed all my lame reasons.  The other night I was at her house finishing some Christmas presents that she and her friend had ordered from me.  So while I was working on this mobile for her sister:

and these leg-warmers for her friend's sister:

She was working on setting this blog up for me.  

This is my true reason for starting a blog, I gave into peer pressure. 

But who knows?  It might just be kinda fun.