Friday, January 14, 2011

Craft Day at Katie's

My friend Katie came into the store where we work and handed me a little globe. 

It was so cute and awesome.  My friend Dawn in Wyoming also makes these out of old Christmas cards and I've always thought they were great.  Katie said she'd show me how to make them so we decided to have a crafty day at her house. 

First, we cut twenty little circles. 

Then we made triangles within the circles and glued the edges together. 

We also drank the delicious hot chocolate that Katie made.  Also, check out her super cute measuring cups (we were using them to trace circles). 

Ta-da!  Paper globes of happiness. 


  1. Ah so awesome. I love our globes!

  2. SO fun! I want some!!! Those would be a cute addition to my any extra lying around? Dude, invite Katie to the swap. She looks like she would have crafty fun stuff to bring...

  3. Maybe I could even make those! Maybe our Sunday school kids....oh, too many circles we'd have to cut out for them. God's love is like a circle would fit with the globes. I have to think about this.

  4. Cute! Thanks for showing how they are made! I'm going to try it!

  5. While the globes are really cute, I've come to expect really cute and crafty things out of you. I was super impressed with the hot chocolate. That looks like a photo from a magazine. I'm glad you had fun, learned a new trick, and got to trick such well-staged deliciousness.