Friday, January 7, 2011

Colleen Made Me Do It

So, for a long time my friend Colleen has been telling me I need to start a blog.  There have been others who have told me that.  I have been holding out for a long time, and here are my reasons:

* I don't like to write.  I love to read, read, read, but writing, not so much. Craftying, yes. Writing, meh.   I find it kind of tedious.  Therefore a blog seems like a chore because it involves writing.  I don't even like coming up with status updates on facebook.  I guess I will have to stick to bullet points.

*I have no time.  I'm a busy girl.  I have two jobs, and a church with lots of activities.  This leaves me very little time for interneting in general.  I fear that this blog will be one of those boring ones where people check back periodically and there is nothing new.  I'm apologizing for that in advance.

*The internet is already full of crafty blogs, funny, blogs, cool travel blogs, witty blogs, blogs with people who take cool pictures with cool cameras; the world really does not need another blog from me.   

*Okay, those were really my only reasons, pretty lame, I admit.

Colleen has pshawed all my lame reasons.  The other night I was at her house finishing some Christmas presents that she and her friend had ordered from me.  So while I was working on this mobile for her sister:

and these leg-warmers for her friend's sister:

She was working on setting this blog up for me.  

This is my true reason for starting a blog, I gave into peer pressure. 

But who knows?  It might just be kinda fun. 


  1. Yay! I love seeing pictures of your crafty stuff on facebook, so this is wonderful! :-D

  2. Its about TIME!!!! I love all your crafty's and the world needs to see them!!! Plus, you just need to post like a picture and a sentence...and we'll be happy!

  3. Since you broke out and started a blog, I decided to follow lead and became a "follower." Now as I type this, it sounds creepy but it felt like I was supporting you at the time. I also really like the look of the background. It suits you!