Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Valentines!

I love making Valentine cards.  I have my mom to thank for that.  When my sister and I were kids, my mom rarely bought us the pre-made cards to pass out to our classmates in school.  Instead she bought us the Valentine card making kit, complete with sparkly heart stickers and all kinds of good stuff. 

I always liked to throw other things into the mix, too.  I remember pouring over the pages of a wallpaper book one year, and picking out all the pink patterns.  This was before the day of sweet scrapbooking paper, so a wallpaper book was pretty exciting stuff. 

I still love getting scrappy when it comes to Valentines.  I save things all year round in preparation for the crafty event.  Here are some of the scrappies that have made it into my Valentines (in addition to the obvious scraps of red, pink, and white paper):  canceled stamps, playing cards, a tag from a new shirt, the insides of envelopes, brown paper bags, a rescued hymnal, snippets from magazines and the newspaper, doilies, candy packaging, wrapping paper, and the leftovers from a used up sheet of heart stickers.  (It's too bad I don't have a picture of that last one, that was a good one.)

I know mainstream culture says that Valentine's Day is supposed to be a romantical day to get all mushy gushy with your significant other.  Well, my husband is not really the mushy gushy type, not that he doesn't participate by giving me a great card (I love cards) and something equally great like Snickers, but it in his words, "It's not like it's Reformation Day, or the opening of a new superhero movie."  And that's okay with me, because I see Valentine's Day as a great excuse to get crafty, put out cute decorations, and celebrate with girlfriends. 

Which brings me to another point.  Valentine card making is a great way to have fun with your friends, and even to make new ones.  Having moved around quite a bit, I've found that it's always pretty easy to round up a bunch of girls to make Valentine cards. 

So, keep your eyes open for the Valentine goodness.  Grab your glue, paper, and scissors and go to town.  And have a happy and crafty Valentine's Day.


  1. So, are you saying you will have Valentines Day card party? I think you are. I'll be there! And we'll see all the crappy cards I can make like the LAST TIME I did it with you. My sister still laughs at my old one :( I just don't have your gift.

  2. First of all, I forgot about the wallpaper books. Those were the greatest! Secondly, I've been meaning to tell you--another teacher works in my room 1st hour, so sometimes my paper recycling bin contains stuff from other classes. Yesterday I pulled out a scrapbook paper book that still had 7 completely new sheets, and probably about 10 half used ones. Score! Thirdly, my attempts to share the Valentine's Day love did not get past pulling out a card that Andrew's mom had made and not sending it. So perhaps you will get some March mail instead. :-)

  3. Seven whole pages and scraps to boot! That is a good score. And I love mail all year round, so don't you worry :-)