Saturday, May 17, 2014


Sometimes I feel the need to make something impractical simply because the materials exist and I think it is fun to do.  An example of this is a paper chain made of Starburst wrappers.  Michael bought a bag of Starburst in the fall and I've been slowly working on this chain.  People keep asking me, "What are you going to do with that chain?"  Who knows?  Who cares?  It is just fun to make so I am making it. 
Along these same lines, I've had a dream for a long time of making confetti.  Whenever I make something with paper, there's always a pile of scraps that seem too pretty to just throw away (and by throw away I obviously mean put in the recycle bin).  But who really needs a bunch of confetti?  I finally decided that I don't care.  It would be fun to make, right?  So I'm making some. I dug out my cool paper punches and went to town on a pile of paper scraps.

And guess what, it is fun! It is so SUPER fun to make confetti.  I love it.  I even dug around in my craft room and found some old foil confetti that I had collected somewhere and added that to the mix.  Then I subbed for the church secretary one morning and I went around to all the hole punchers in the office and collected the dots.  That was fun, too.  It makes me so happy to look in my pail of confetti and see all the pretty colors.  I can't wait to add more to it.
Maybe someday someone will say to me, "Karen, I'm starting a pinata business, and I'd like you to be my confetti supplier."  That would be awesome, but highly unlikely.  Maybe I'll finally open an Esty shop and make loads of money (like a dollar or two) selling confetti. That would be awesome, too.  Although if neither of those things happen, I will still be giddy with happiness punching paper and sprinkling rainbow fun.

P.S. Who invited these two to this party?  This is not a plate of tuna. 


  1. The birds in the confetti are the best! I'm sure your husband is probably amused by this, too, but it's the cats that really understand that this has meaning. They are appreciating your efforts. ;-)

  2. A bowlful of confetti is such a cheerful thing. It doesn't have to be any more than that. And the chain of wrappers would be fun as a garland in Laurel's room. I just made a garland of paint chips from the paint store. I cut off the words, put two together back to back and sewed them in a chain on the sewing machine. It's fun to pick the colors, although I felt a bit guilty taking a stack of them from the store. I even hand sewed buttons onto the middles. It's all so happy!!!

  3. I like your enjoyment in the little things! P.S. I do love confetti too!