Saturday, April 9, 2011

Swap Party

Last weekend my friend Colleen hosted a Swap party.  The basic concept is that everyone brings a bunch of stuff they don't want anymore.  Colleen's house is divided into different rooms for said stuff (clothing, housewares, beauty supplies, media).  When Colleen gives the word, everyone runs around and collects stuff that they do want.  It's really fun.  It's totally my kind of party for a number of reason: 

*I like to get free stuff.
*I like to rescue things that I know other people won't use.
*I don't really like shopping, or spending money, so this is like shopping without the shopping or the spending money. 
*I like knowing that my old stuff is going to cool people.
*Mingling.  I do love parties. 

Speaking of mingling, I had lots of fun chatting with friends, new and old.  I wish I had more pictures of all the great gals that were there, but I was too busy swapping during the party. I did remember to take a few photos at the end though. 

Colleen and Heather
Jan and Reena

Emily and me
Now for the haul.  I scored a ton of clothes.  I really needed a new pair of jeans so I was very happy to find three pairs that fit me perfectly.  Hurray!  They're already broken in, too. 

Look at these great shoes!  I have big feet, I'm talkin size 10 feet.  So if there are free shoes to be had, they are rarely in my size and if they are my size they are rarely cute.  So I was excited about these.  Score.  Also, the girl who brought them informed me that she'd hardly even worn them.  Double score.

Here is some more loot.  Scrapbooking paper, knitting needles, little scissors that are perfect for knitters, sweet note cards in a cool tin, stamp ink, and lotion. 

And some more: beads, two bottles of sparkly nail polish, an awesome batman lunch box (that I've been taking to work with me) and a sweet shower curtain that will now be repurposed as a table cloth. 

Here is the best find of all.  When I was living in Gillette I was a teacher's aide for a very awesome lady named Jean.  She had given me this bracelet as a going away present and I have always loved it. 

So you can imagine how stoked I was to find this matching necklace.  For free!  For me!

I just love swappin. 

P.P.S.  Mr. Paws rarely lets me lay out any kind of fabric anything without feeling the need to come and sit right in the middle of everything.  He is also a notorious picture crasher. 


  1. Holy cow! You totally scored at this swap! Wow! I had so much fun hanging out with you. We really must do it again soon.

  2. I think you make out the best of any person at the swap. And dressing you like a Barbie doll is the highlight of my YEAR!! I'm so glad you were able to come. Until next year!

  3. how did you carry it all out!?! did you snag some bags/purses too? ;)
    nice work, gal!!

  4. you have good eyes for good stuff - it'd be fun to go garage-saling with you sometime. we'd find riches!!!

  5. What fun loot. I love the skirt that Mr. Paws is sitting on; clearly he's a feline with good taste. And finding a match to your bracelet is awesome. I'm big into coordinating jewlery these days, which has been easier thanks to a good trip to Grandma's basement and some earrings that Andrew bought me for my birthday.