Friday, March 11, 2011

Lyrical Shenanigans

I was trying to figure out what to blog about today when this popped up on my facebook page: 

It was posted by my old college roomie, Kara.  Oh the fun that Kara and I had has roommates.  We shared many-a laugh and good times. 

Here is the story of that picture. We were in class together and had the very simple assignment of writing one of those poems were you count out the syllables.  It wasn't a Haiku, because that poem obviously doesn't have the 5,7,5 format but it was something similar to that. 

Our prof collected the assignment at the very beginning of class and Kara was annoyed to realize that she had forgotten to write her poem.  "Don't you worry," I said.  "I'll save you."  Literally while the papers were being collected I quickly jotted the down the world's absolute lamest poem, slapped Kara's name on it and turned it in. 

And we thought no more about it.  Until... 

We came into class about a week later and our professor handed out some sheets of paper.  He had compiled all of the student's poems onto one sheet and was giving them back so we could have them all.  There, at the very top of the page where you couldn't miss it was that awful poem with Kara's name on it.  She was horrified, and rightly so. I was highly amused. 

At some point later I commemorated the event with construction paper, and the bad poetry lives on. 

Thanks for the fun times, Kara.  And thanks for holding on to my silly artwork for all these years :-)

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