Saturday, July 19, 2014

Quilt Upgrade

When my nephew Henry was born, I made this quilt for him.  My sister, Emily, already had his nursery decorated in a super cute way, and this quilt fit in perfectly with her decor.

(You can read more about Henry's quilt here.)

When Emily found out she was having a girl, she wanted to girly up the nursery a bit.  She added touches of pink throughout the room. She also didn't want to retire Henry's quilt just yet.  After receiving a fun blanket from our Aunt Pam, Emily asked her if she would help update Henry's quilt so that it would fit in with the girly-fied nursery. 

Here is the fun block Aunt Pam made for my niece, Lilly.

My mom hand tacked it down so that it could be easily removed from Henry's quilt at a later time.  I'll probably work it into a quilt of her own someday.

Here it is in the nursery.  So fun!

I really believe that quilting is a community thing, so I love that Lilly has a quilt in her room made by Aunt Pam and me together. Hurray!   


  1. I didn't know that patch would end up in a new quilt... I thought I would just sew on a back and make it a pillow. Fun surprise!

    1. Didn't we have a whole conversation about this? I asked if you wanted a baby quilt for Lilly (and then I probably whined to you about how I was pregnant and tired and working 2 jobs and probably didn't even have time to make her one) and then you said you'd rather have a quilt for her when she was a little older that she could put on a big kid bed. It's been in the back of my mind.