Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hello Again

It's been a looong time since I've written at this here bloggy blog.  I haven't forgotten about it, though.  There are many times where I've said to myself, "This would make a great blog post.  I should dust off my old blog. I should just do it."

I think the time has finally come.  I was taking some pictures for a friend today and she said, "Are you going to blog about this Karen?"  I kinda brushed it off at first and then I said, "Wait, yes I am!  This is blog worthy and needs to be posted." That was the push I've been needing.  So here I am, and hopefully I will stick around this time.

Here are a few things that have changed in my life since the last time I was type-ity type-ing in this here space:

*My husband and I moved out of our little apartment and bought our first home.  Yay!

*I had a baby, a sweet little girl. Double yay! (Triple, quadruple fruit-loople, penti-there-is-lenti-on-your-shirt yay!)

*My little baby nephew Henry is now a strapping 2 year old.  (Look at the awesome apple snowman my sister made.)

*Henry was joined by a little sister. Here she is with my daughter. Cousin fun!

*My husband grew out his hair. (That's big news, I know.)

*I am no longer working two jobs, I am a stay-at-home mama and loving every minute of it. I have also been sneaking in a little time to do some sewing.

So there you go, folks.  A brief update with more fun to follow soon.


  1. Fun writing, stick around and do it some more!!

  2. So happy that you guys had a baby! She is so sweet!! Michael's hair is freaking me out though ;)

  3. What sweet milestones on this post! Welcome back to blogging :-) I love your style.

  4. So glad you are blogging again, it makes my day! I missed your cheery takes on life.